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The 2007 Canadian sci-fi short Food for the Gods featured a majority Asian cast playing a tribe situated on a distant planet similar to Native Americans as well as being rich in Asian themes, including a backstory referencing. 3 : has one at the end of World 3 in which the world's castle is on a landmass that looks like Japan with the castle being located roughly where Kyoto isnote Kyoto is where Nintendo's headquarters are located. The other Planet Kilimanjaronote yes, there are two Planet Kilimanjaros is WWI-era Europe. The whole show is colored by Chinese culture, including the dialogue.

TaleSpin had the Thembrians, warthog residents of a bureaucratic republic clearly intended to be analogous to Soviet Russia. It's then thrown into the War of the Lions, another succession dispute that bears some resemblance to the Wars of the Roses. Planet Future is Canada. And house Bisclavret is rather blatantly Scottish down to their kilts, while their "savage" cousins in the Phelan tribes are Irish pagans. Pinkie Pie apparently grew up on what is supposed to be a fantasy counterpart Amish rock farm a literal one where her family grows actual rocks, somehow complete with the conservative fashion, Nice Hat -and-sideburns-wearing father and parents sleeping in separate beds. The Free Drones are social democrats, the Data Angels and Nautilus Pirates are anarchists ( the former being a more sympathetic portrayal than the latter the Cybernetic Consciousness are utilitarians, and the Cult of Planet are transhuman voluntary extinctionists.

Web Comics The Erogenians in The Challenges of Zona are somewhat idealized Celts while Kivallia seems to be Plantagenet era England. Mutant Chronicles : The Megacorps are derived from different cultures, despite being corporations instead of nations. On the contrary, things like the Dragonet /Scinfaxi/Hrimfaxi (aircraft carrier submarines with balistic missile lauch capacities Excalibur (a laser cannon able to shoot targets hundreds of kilometers away) or Avalon (an giant underwater nuclear missile silo) are treated as severe. Sequel Series The Legend of Korra adds a few more examples: Republic City is a new state made up of peoples from all four nations, which grew out of the liberated colonies of a powerful empire, and is quickly becoming the. In response to backlash over putting Arendelle into Epcot's Norway pavilion though, Olaf's Frozen Adventure has veered more into city-state territory and stressing that Arendelle exists within actual Norway. Little Canadia also has a Mind-Control Device.

Mystery Island is based on Polynesia and other island cultures in the South Sea. It's a little Steam Punk and All Myths Are True, so it's not quite as Flanderized as most examples of this trope. Many Dwarves live outside of Orzammar, however, on the surface, where they have a reputation as skilled merchants and businessmen. Freelancer contains four different "Houses Liberty (United States Bretonia (Britain Kusari (Japan) and Rheinland (Germany). The Empire is basically Space Romans and A Nazi by Any Other Name, complete with The Queen's Latin. Sandfury trolls seem to be based on a mix of ancient Egypt and the Aztecs. According to The Cameo of Rapunzel and Eugene, Corona from Tangled exists in the same universe as Frozen. Wa-no-kuni" is in fact an old way to refer to Japan.) Further on, the Shandians are pretty clear analogues for disenfranchised and displaced Native American populations, Alabasta is a fairly obvious portrayal of Ancient Egypt (with additional Middle Eastern influencing).

For example, Set's realm is based on faux Ancient Egypt, but is nestled inside what can only be called Dante's Inferno. A notable exception to this is Final Fantasy X, which based its setting on Okinawan culture. To the point that Uldholm in particular is only a Fantasy Counterpart Culture in the loosest sense of the term. The Avoirdupois seem to be French while House Doloreaux is probably based on some Germanic culture. Lord's Believers Fundamentalist USA. There's also the Second Exalted March, which was against the Dalish elves due to religious differences. One of the most obvious is the Shildkraut nation. Then you have the Catachans, who seem to be both sides of the Vietnam war; the Tallarn Desert Raiders, who appear to be the Arab Revolt with General Monty's equipment; the red-coated, pith-helmeted, and dark-skinned Pretorians (who, again, seem. Vega in Dominion is very much a copy of Republican Rome, albeit with a caste system. The Transformers (the original '80s cartoon) had the " Socialist Democratic Federated Republic " of Carbombya, whose leader was "Supreme Military Commander, President for Life, and King-of-Kings" Abdul Fakkadi, whose capital city's population was "4000 people and 10000 camels.


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The Jade Empire is a dead ringer for Ancient China, complete with dense jungles to the south (Indochina impassable mountains to the west (the Himalayas northern steppes populated by "the Horselords" (Mongols and an eastern ocean, from which come foreigners resembling 16th century European explorers. Artai seems to be an Eastern European/Slavic/Chinese nation, Florince is France, the United Kingdom of Lutesia is a blend of ancient Rome and modern Italy, Aries is the United States, Annam is Vietnam, and Zipang is Japan (in. Also, you can't have a real dark fantasy universe without a good dose of Black Death and other plagues. She was even meant to speak Swahili in her few foreign language lines, but the staff couldn't find a translator in time and resorted to writing invented words that mimic the general sound of Swahili. This is explicitly lampshaded by Fuu. Curiander Cumin and Saffron Masala, a father-and-daughter pair who appear in " Spice up your Life are very Indian in their names, appearance, and in the style of the restaurant they keep. See also Culture Chop Suey, Space Romans (and the more offensive version, Space Jews ). As in Yamataikoku, home of the legendary priest-queen Himi ko, our friendly playable Shrine Maiden. Kingdom of Loathing has South of the Border, which is more or less Mexico during Halloween, and Little Canadia, which is Canada during the Stanley Cup finals. Pessimal take Terry Pratchett 's Fantasy Counterpart Cultures Upto Eleven.

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Though there's no hint of it in the prostituerte i homoseksuell oslo priser eskorte drammen final game, the Steam Gardens, in the Wooden Kingdom, were originally named Kogwald, which would make the Wooded Kingdom based on German forests wald" means "forest" in German). The Grand Duchy of Dracule is Poland, Lithuania and Transylvania under Vlad the Impaler's rule. However, they have differences as well. On the flip side, the Resistance is a rebel group funded illegally by the New Republic, not unlike the Viet Cong or the Contras. Touvette is a mixed dig at Western fascism and North Korea. Gondor is reminiscent of the Byzantine Roman Empire as well as Late Medieval Western Europe in general.

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The Planet of Forgotten Parents is the Philippines. Only this one movie would feature Telmarine antagonists, and apparently the common people backed Caspian over Miraz given the parade at the end. The Mantis Warrior chapter are a somewhat subtle take on Japan. Justified in at least some cases because they were deliberately kept stagnant by the Goa'uld. Another thing is that Sootopolis, while located near Yakushima, is actually based off of Santorini in Greece. Beauty and the Beast specificially states that it takes place in France Marie! The Empire of Estellion appears to be a typical Medieval European Fantasy empire with a strong Roman influence, including the fact that many characters have Latin-sounding names (e.g. In the fifth book, we get an actual comparison of which place on Erisire approximates which on Earth.

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